16BitGallery is the premier photo gallery application for your website. It includes features which the competition does not, including one of the most advanced photo search features available. Major publications have written about websites using our software including Photographyblog.com , Shutterbug.com and many others.

The folloing is a list of sites using 16BitGallery gallery software.





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16BitGallery software can run as a standalone application iusing it's own user management system or can be used with your vbulletin user management system

16BitGallery software has built in features that can help migrate your legacy phtopost photopost gallery into the robust 16BitGalery application.

Below are some screen shots to give you an idea of the interface. These are just a few of the features available from 16BitGallery software. To see the software in action please visit one of the websites listed above and browse the gallery.

MainPhoto Page View is simple and easy to view the details including comments posted and how your photo was rated.

Typical Gallery View by Thumbnails. You can select the number of thumbnails to display per page and the amount of detail to show under each thumbnail.

Comments posted today allows you to see the latestcomments. You can also see comments for your photos and comments you have posted.

Customize your personal list of camera lenses and assign them to photos as you upload them.

Follow photographers you like and stay informed when they upload new photos

Upload screen shot has the ability to assign lenses from your personl list.

Photo view with expanded EXIF displayed allows you to see all the details. Clicking on any of the EXIF data will show you other photos that have the same type of data.

Change your color themes

Advanced Search Capabilities lets yo search for photos based on a combination of criteria. For exampl search for photos taken with a Leica 35mm Summilux shot at f4 and taken with an M9.